April’s new post: Being in a hurry can be hazardous to your health!

Greetings fellow fitness mama’s and happy April to you! As you can see by the date of my April’s? blog? I am late to getting to it and getting it out to all of you … my fellow fitness mama’s.? The start of April has been a very interesting month and also a true learning curve for me.

The? reason why my blog is late? is because, life can be very overwheming at times ( go figure).? I will use my life and? myself as an example. On March 29, 2010 I was in a hurry ( as usual) to pick up my youngest son Micah from preschool, get home, eat lunch and tag-team with my husband in order to get to my afternoon clients. Now this is where the story gets “real” interesting, after I had finally calmed down my Micah from his little fit, because he wasn’t able to play at the park after school I began to make myself a wonderful salad with all of my favorite veggies and my favorite homemade dressing … it was looking so good and all I needed was a plate to put that delicious lunch on and … as I reached overhead to get the plate from the cupboard … the “thick ceramic plate”? slipped from my hands, which were located above my head and … the plate came “DOWN!” Landing directly on my inner ankle bone and as a result the plate cut me very deep and then the plate hit the floor and shattered all over the kitchen. With my ankle “now” bleeding and shattered pieces of a plate on the floor, my husband who had just witnessed this whole thing? happen said, “honey I think your hurt!” Well, yes that was a understatement, I was really hurt and yet, as a mother who doesn’t? let? anything slow me down, I knew that I was in need … and I needed to do something? immediately to help myself from this cut.? As my husband helped me to sit down and stop the bleeding I knew by the look on his face this wasn’t good. He? looked at my cut “gash” and said,? ” babe it’s pretty deep and I believe you have two choices, I can take you to go get stitches or … you can have me superglue it shut!”? What do you want to do … he said?? I didn’t answer, the thought of my “bony” ankle having stitches wasn’t to thrilling and appealing to me.What should I do???! With the knowledge of knowing that I had five clients that needed me to be there for their workouts I … told my husband to … “go ahead and superglue my cut, I … “clearly” was NOT thinking to clear however, I would? figure it out later. This is in NOT something that I would ever recommend to anyone!? However, it got me through my evening and when I came home I was in a LOT of pain. Luckily, for me, I have a few clients that are nurses and by the time I was able to see them and share what I had done, they were concerned about my wound and felt I should have chosen getting stitches instead and lectured me on why superglue was a poor choice on my (husbands) be-half. Doesn’t that go to show you how “we” as moms are so trained to just keep going … NO MATTER WHAT?! Finally, one of my clients/friend/nurse? said to me that she would take a look at it and bring me some things to help it heal. When she first took a look at my wound, she was very concerned about me getting an infection and also that the wound wasn’t healing properly. My client and dear friend? who I love and adore, however made it very clear to me that she would take good care of me and bring me some things to get my wound from getting infected especially because I’m in the gym and also so it could start the healing process. I believe it was to late for stitches and if it didn’t heal, then I that meant possibly that I could have a fracture. So let’s fast forward to today April 18th 2010 and here I am finally getting to my blog while my kids are try to kill each other in the garage and of course they call that … fun. I told my boy’s unless there is blood shed, DO NOT BOTHER YOUR MOTHER, I must get to my blog. This story unfortately is true and I happen to be? the one that it’s about, however I hope that by sharing it with you that you will learn from me, yours truely, being in a hurry is hazardous to? your health. I am not out of the woods … just yet with my wound and I am still not yet able to do any cardio exercise’s and I am still hobbling along now for almost a month’ as of tomorrow and all of it because I was in a hurry. I believe God sometimes has a interesting way of slowing us all down. I know that I am always in a hurry no matter how well I plan, or how organized I think I am. I am a flawed human for sure. However, I will tell you this, that from this day forward this FitnessMama will be moving a little slower these days and it’s not because I’m 46, but because I now know better .. being in a hurry can (is) hazardous to your health.? I share this story with you? for two reasons: 1. To tell you to please NEVER? use superglue on your cuts and hopefully you would have enough sence to get to the emergancy room so you can take care of yourself!!!!!

2. That (hopefully) you will slow down because of hearing about me StacyRaeFitnessMama being in such a hurry!

Wound update: My nurse/friend/client, say’s my wound is healing she even complimented me on being a good patient.? However, I still have to be careful and not get it wet or do any cardio yet. Let me tell you a little secret, it is no fun taking a bath with your right leg hanging out the side of the bathtub, however I must say that I am getting pretty good at it. I am grateful it was NOT my left leg, because then I don’t know how I would … take a bath! I haven’t been able to do cardio because it puts my foot into a flextion and that would re-open the wound. So there you have it fellowfitnessmama’s!

Recipe of the month: Chewy, Cranberry Energy Bars,


1/2 C Canola oil

1/2 C Agave Nectar ( Amber)

2 tsp. Vanilla Extract

1 Large Egg

2 C? Old Fashioned Oats

3/4 Whole Wheat White Flour ( or Whole Wheat)

1/4 C? Splenda? Brown Sugar ( or Stevia Extract)

1/2 C. Slivered Almonds Toasted

1/2 C. Tosted Wheat Germ

1/3 C? Cranberries ( Orange or Original)

3/4 tsp. Salt

Directions: Pre heat oven 350

Line 9 X 13″ baking pan with parchment paper of foil, long enough to grip from both 13″ sides: about 3″ longer than the length of the pan on each side. Lightly spray the liner with canola oil.

In a medium bowl, stir tha canola oil, Agave Nector, vanilla & egg until mixed. Set aside.

In another larger bowl, use a fork to mix the remaining ingredients until combined. Use a spatula to stir the Agave mixture into the dry mixture until just blended. Scrape out contents of bowl into the prepared baking pan. pat mixture evenly into the entire? 9 x 13″ pan.

Bake in pre heated oven for 30-35 minutes or until golden at edges. Cool on a rack in baking pan for at least 30 minutes. When cooled grab extended edges of pan liner and remove to a cutting board. Cut into 3 length-wise even strips, then cut long strips into 5 pieces each.

This is also great with sliced oranges and green tea!

Please be sure and check out TAKE5MOMENT.com you can check on it from my blog if you scroll down and look to the right lower side: I am the feature fitness expert on there for the month of April. You will see my body-type videos and some exercises to do for your specific body-type.

Thank you and have a great rest of the month.


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