Are you exercising correctly for your body type?

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Have you ever started an exercise program only to find that you weren?t getting your desired results?

Have you found that no matter how hard you work-out and how much you restrict yourself from certain foods, you never end up looking like a supermodel?

Are you one of those women who vows every year to get in shape and join a gym, only to find that you have become inactive within a month?

If you answered ?YES? to any of these questions, then you are most likely NOT EXERCISING CORRECTLY FOR YOUR BODY TYPE!

Hello, my name is Stacy Rae Mednick and I am an expert in Body Type training, motivational speaker, mother, wife, business owner, inventor, volunteer, writer and blogger.

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After 30 years of being a personal trainer, I have watched women struggle with losing weight, getting in shape, having a baby and getting their bodies back and the list goes on and on.

Women all over the world are struggling with their body image and self confidence, and often this is rooted in difficulty in achieving weight loss. This I believe is a world-wide epidemic. So what is the solution?

As a trainer who wants the best for my clients I tell them that I have the solution and I believe that I do.

The solution is simple, real, honest and it WORKS. I have seen it work in my clients? lives over and over for years.

The first thing that needs to happen with women is they need to know what their personal floor plan is going to be, meaning they need to know what their body type is first. You wouldn?t start building a house without a floor plan would you?? So why would you start a workout plan without a floor plan just for your body type?? It makes sense and it doesn?t work any other way.

Once this has been discovered, then you can start working on you, and getting results from the INSIDE OUT. I am a trainer who works and teaches my clients about working from the inside out first. The change from the outside will happen without a doubt. Without this process taking place as well, women will continue to spin their wheels, looking for a quick fix for their weight loss and it doesn?t work.

All women are NOT created equal. We all come in many different shapes and sizes. We were not able to choose our parents or our body type. The body type that we are born with is a gift and how we choose to treat our gift is our responsibility. Which is why I am creating a workout to be launched on-line before the end of the year.

Once you surrender to the genetic structure of your body type, only then will the long-awaited journey of results begin. Women need to accept who they are and the body they were born with. This is the biggest part of the solution right here. That doesn?t mean your weight loss goals are easy, it means you now need to get to work on your body type with specific goals and planning. Getting results with any body type takes effort, however any thing in life that?s worth having takes effort right?? So below are the four body types that walk the earth, they come in different heights, bone structures, and cultures.

But your body type is your own, so OWN IT, RESPECT IT, AND LOVE IT, IT IS YOURS!? Each woman is so special, there is no one else like you, think about that, you my friend are ONE OF A KIND!? That is truly amazing. You are a gift to yourself, your family, your friends, the universe. You are a GIFT to YOURSELF!? My hope is that this information can, EMPOWER you to be your personal best. No one can lose weight for you, make you better or change the body you were born with. It is what it is, but it starts with you accepting who you are and the gift you were given. This powerful information that I teach and speak about should be taught in school because then we would have more women loving themselves, accepting themselves and loving who they are from a much younger age. Women today start at an early age with not liking who they are and they hurt themselves in many ways.

My hope is that I can help make a difference, one women at a time so that they can PAY IT FORWARD to other women and we together as a force can love who we are from the INSIDE OUT.

There are four body-types.

Each woman may have a little of each, however one characteristic stands out in all women.

The ECTOMORPH: is long and lean, can carry more body fat than muscle, and is the shape of a banana.

The MESOMORPH: is athletic by nature and carries more muscle than body fat than the other body types, weight gain goes to the stomach and upper back and is shaped like a apple.

The ENDOMORPH: carries their weight in their lower body, has smaller, softer shoulders and is shaped like a pear.

The MESO-ENDO; is an athletic body type, gains weight all over the body, is very curvy, and is shaped like the top of an apple and the bottom of a pear.

You may go to my website: and view some videos about your body type and see which one you are, there is also a body type test you can take on the body type page.

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