C4W Loving Who You Are!

In this Choices 4 Women podcast, Nancy Mueller shares time with Stacy Rae Mednick of OC Fitness Mama

This interview will give you information to love who you are with positive self-talk and body image.? Stacy Rae is helping women feel good from the inside out as she shares information about how to determine your body type, but more importantly, how to make your body type work for you.

Women tend to be self-critical and often don?t realize how much harm the words, phrases and negative self-talk can do for us.? How can we believe a compliment from others when we don?t even know how to compliment ourselves?? If you think that putting yourself first is wrong, then you need to listen to hear what Stacy Rae has to say.

Please visit this site to hear the full interview:
Fit & Fabulous @ 40 and Beyond!

Set SMART goals for your summer 2017 workout program!

Can you believe that we are halfway through 2017? It is hard to believe but true. How many of you have followed through with your New Year’s resolutions? Unfortunately, more than likely you have fallen short, but there is no need to panic because you can still work on them. You have six months left of the year and that is plenty of time to get the results that you want. At OC Fitness Mama, we work with our clients on using the SMART acronym. It stands for: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic?and Time-bound. Writing out SMART?goals is like writing out directions to help you get to your destination. Here is a great example of using the SMART?goal acronym to set a walking goal. I will commit to walking for 25 minutes, six times each week after work for the next six weeks. This is a great tool to write out your fitness goals, regardless if they are cardio, strength or flexibility, before you start working on them. This will help with the accountability to you and a trainer if you are working with one. It also helps to create a great habit of writing down goals that will help you actually reach them. Our clients at the studio have had great success with doing this. Take the time to write down 2-3 SMART goals that are important to you and then post them where you can see them to be reminded of them daily. This is also a great way to set great goals in your workplace or with other goals beside fitness (life goals, work, and other goals) you are trying to reach.

Goal setting is important. Without goals you have no vision and without a vision you have no plan.

This summer, OC Fitness Mama has a great Summer Slimming Program we are promoting. If you are looking to reach some of your goals and would like a great program to help you do that then check out our link:?https://ocfitnessmama.com/jumpstart/

Summer is about having fun and enjoying this time of year but no one said it had to be without goals. This could be just what you need to jumpstart your summer for 2017!

Fit & Fabulous @ 40 and beyond.

OC Fitness Mama

Pre-Workout Food Ideas

Pre-Workout Food Ideas

As the owner of a personal training studio, I often get asked by our clients “what are some good ideas to eat before my strength training workout?” This is such a great question and I always respond with, “what a great question”, I am so glad you asked!”

It is so important to fuel your body before your strength training workout. Eating before your workout helps you to provide your body with enough fuel and energy to sustain a workout so that you can achieve your workout goals. Depending upon what time of day you workout, the length and the intensity of your workout will help determine what you should eat before you train. At OC Fitness Mama we train women so, for the purpose of this blog, we will focus on food ideas for women.

Here are a few key things to keep in mind before you workout to help fuel your body for an awesome workout. Drink about 8-16 ounces of water prior to your workout. Staying hydrated from the time you wake up until you go to bed is important for your body. Sipping water all day is a great idea. Get a nice glass water bottle and make it a habit. We like to suggest to our clients to start drinking water upon awakening. A great tip is to start your day with hot water and lemon before you eat any food. It helps to fill your stomach and helps to start your day at a positive hydration level. If you do not consume enough water from water, fruit, veggies, tea, coffee, or juice then your body can become dehydrated and fatigued, which will affect your workout. Sometimes being dehydrated can also cause headaches too. You could also have some cramping occur during your workout or during the day and it could be because you haven’t had enough water to drink. So be aware of water intake daily and listen to your body for possible signs of dehydration.

Depending on when you train will also determine what you eat. If you train early in the morning it’s a great way to increase your metabolism, but you may not feel like eating. At OCFM, we also coach our clients that no matter how early you train you need a little something to eat. Therefore, because liquid digests really easily it might be a good idea to have a small smoothie. A glass of milk or a apple would be a nice suggestion for those 6 am, workouts. For a workout that is as early as 6 am keep it light and then have something post workout within an hour.

As far as fueling your body for workouts at other times of the day, try some of these suggestions. You will be sure to feel hydrated and energetic for your training. Here are some examples: ?yogurt ( plain or greek), bananas, pears, applesauce, healthy bars, smoothies ( made with unsweetened, almond, cashew or coconut milk, low-fat milk or yogurt), whole wheat bread ( we recommend Ezekiel 4:9 or Ezekiel english muffins), almond butter, cashew butter and peanut butter. Other great protein sources are boiled eggs, low-fat cottage cheese, string cheese, low-fat cream cheese and chicken. A warm cup of coffee with some milk and a small healthy bran muffin or a toast with avocado and an egg are also great options.

So the next time you go for a workout, try some of these ideas and see how good you feel. Chances are your workouts will improve and so will your stamina.

Fit & Fabulous @ 40 and Beyond


OC Fitness Mama







Exercise Becomes More Effective If You Believe It Will

Exercise Becomes More Effective If You Believe It Will

Hello and Happy Easter,

It is April now and hard to believe we are already in the fourth month of the year. By now we have all settled into a routine and have hopefully not abandoned our health and fitness goals. However, just in case you may have there is still hope all you need to do is to…Believe

According to Dictionary.com the definition of the word believe is below:

1. to have confidence in the truth, the existence, or the reliability of something, although without absolute proof that one is right in doing so: Only if one believes in something can one act purposefully. verb (used with object), believed, believing. … to have confidence in the assertions of (a person).

This is a great definition to the word believe however, to actually read it rather than to do it is an-other thing.

Have you ever wondered how some women in your life ?are able to move through life a little easier than others? Or maybe they have more of a optimistic outlook on life than you do. Perhaps they seem more confident or even like they have some sort of secret they are keeping. Sometimes other women in your life may just be able to do things a lot easier like lose weight, be consistent with their workout programs or are just be better at preparing meals and staying on course with their fitness program.

At OCFM, we like to work with clients on their health and fitness goals. It’s important that we help them to “believe in themselves“, to believe in their goals, and believe they can make healthy changes at every level. This is one of the first things that we do at OCFM and we continue to strive to help our clients do throughout their time with us. As personal trainers and health coaches at OCFM “WE” sometimes believe in our clients before they learn how to. When it comes to your health and fitness goals sometimes, it takes someone else a coach, trainer or health coach to help you take the right steps forward with the goals and changes that you desire to have before you can actually take the first baby step.

When it comes to making health and fitness goals and personal changes on every level, try to remember that if you can start off with baby steps and believe that you are capable of making better choices for yourself, then you are going to get there sooner. Having an optimistic attitude is important when choosing to make changes with your health. Your attitude, feelings?and?thoughts about exercise can often times determine how you will or won’t benefit from it. If you can help yourself and have a positive ?mindset instead of a negative one, then you will benefit from exercise and ?you are more likely to do it and stick to it. Finding exercises that you enjoy is key in order to making it become a positive and healthy habit for yourself.

As you take one baby step every day to move forward with your goals you slowly start to gain self confidence, self esteem and self love along the way. Whatever your current goals are today it is important that you start off slow and take it one day at a time. Slow changes make for big results. Once you start to do this you really start to feel good about who you are and where you are going. Just keep moving day by day and believe that you can do it!

Getting in shape isn’t just about what the scale says every time you get on it, more importantly it is about the journey you have traveled to get there. So before you start your day and move forward throughout the rest of 2017 remember to take time to BELIEVE in yourself, with all your dreams, your goals and your aspirations only then will you truly be able to reach them.

Something that would be great to do is take some post it’s and write the work Believe on them and stick them where you start your day. Then out loud before you start our day read the word Believe?out load 10 times, do this for 10 day’s and see what happens. Chances are you start to really believe in who you are and in the purpose that has been placed on your life. Not just for your health and fitness goals, but for everything in your life.


Fit & Fabulous @ 40 and Beyond


OC Fitness Mama




March is National Nutrition Month 2017

March is National Nutrition Month 2017

Every March, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND) organizes National Nutrition Month. This theme this year is “Put Your Best Fork Forward”. This is is to remind us that every bite counts. There has been a lot of evidence to suggest that making small, daily dietary changes with our eating adds up to great success. ?At OCFM we like to encourage our clients to make one small change at a time and then once they have that change in place then work on a new one. Doing this for 21 days in a row is a great way to set the stage for change and also to help it be remembered in your sub-conscious. Small changes such as adding an extra serving of a fruit or vegetables to your meals is a great way to inch change into your daily eating plan. Another example would be to add more water to your day and less fruit juice, soda or calorie loaded coffee’s and smoothies. Often times when we start to work with a new client we find that they don’t drink enough water and water is very important. If you have a hard time drinking water than add some sliced lemons, limes, oranges, cucumbers and mint to your glass. Perhaps you could put your water in a pretty glass with a straw and lots of ice. This makes it really nice to look and and also very healthy, and gives it some natural flavor. Having a glass of water before your meals is a great way to fill up your stomach so you won’t eat as much. It’s also a great thing to do before you do out to eat or go to a party where you don’t know what the food options will be.

This year try something new instead of the old dieting. Diets are DEAD and implementing healthy habits are IN. Work in one healthy habit and remove a not so healthy habit one by one and you will be on your way to a healthier you and a healthier year.

To check out some great websites to help you with eating more color and more variety: go to www.eatright.org and www.choosemyplate.gov.

It isn’t hard to make changes you just have to start with one and then add on from there. Soon you will be feeling better and have more energy to do the things you love. You might even lose some weight, either way you moving in the right direction on day at a time.


“Stay the Course”

Fit & Fabulous @ 40 and Beyond!

OC Fitness Mama

The Gift of Giving

Can you believe that it is December 2016? I can’t. When I look back at how fast this year went by, I realized that life in general is going fast. It’s hard to believe that the year is nearly over and yet that is exactly what is happening.

Time isn’t something we can control. We all have the same amount of hours in the day but what we do with our time is extremely important. Every day is a gift and should be treated as such. A new day allows us to start over with fresh breath in our lungs, puts yesterday behind us, today as our focus, and tomorrow as our future. What really matters most is that we have the opportunity to make a difference every day, everywhere we go, and with everyone we meet. This holiday season, when you are out and about, I would like to encourage you to think about little ways that you can be a difference maker. I call this?T.T.O.L. (Tiny Touches Of LOVE)!

With December being one of the busiest times of the year and the emphasis on buying gifts, spending lots of money & being stressed to the max, why not think of little?T.T.O.L. gestures that could be life changing for someone. You really don’t have to go anywhere special to do this. You can just integrate it into your everyday life. If you are out and about and see a stranger or run into one of your neighbors on an early morning walk, that could be a great opportunity to stop and say, “Hello”, or smile as you pass by. In today’s world we often don’t even take time to make eye contact anymore because we are in such a hurry or looking down at our phones. Something as simple as that can brighten someone’s day.

I would like to encourage you to think of things that are simple, free and yet of great value. Just take the time to show you care. So go ahead smile at that homeless person, offer to buy them a coffee or a sandwich, open the door for an elderly person, offer to have someone go in front of you at the grocery store just because, or pay it forward by buying the person’s coffee behind you at Starbucks.

I enjoy doing T.T.O.L. random acts of kindness all throughout the year, but for the month of December I would like to encourage you to try it. Hugs are free and human touch is so powerful it can bring someone hope, and there is not price tag on bringing hope to someone who is hopeless.

This time of year brings on a lot of emotions for all of us and so many people struggle this time of year for many reasons. It is a joyful time of year but also a challenging time of year for so many that are alone, suffering, addicted, homeless or whatever the situation may be.

Prayer is something that is very powerful and free. If you believe in prayer then please pray for those you love and even those you don’t know. When I see someone that I don’t know maybe a homeless person, homeless youth or someone with a sign that says, I’m hungry, I know I can make a difference by praying for them. It may not be able to solve their situation, but God hears all our prayers and he can do mighty miracles with them.
So this holiday season gift the gifts that matter, a little time and little?T.T.O.L. it will bring you joy and your heart will be full.












Merry Christmas from all of us at OC Fitness Mama,

Blessings to you & your families…

Fit & Fabulous @ 40 and Beyond!

OC Fitness Mama

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A Grateful Heart Is A Thankful Heart.

November is a wonderful time of year. The weather is getting cooler, the leaves are turning different colors and there is a hint that fall is finally here. It is also a time of year that we often take time to reflect. Perhaps with Thanksgiving being this month we may take more time to stop and realize how blessed we really are. As we start to make family plans for Thanksgiving Day, we also may begin to realize just how special our relationships are with our family, friends, clients, co-workers and neighbors really are. We may even take a moment to say “Thank you” out loud just because we are over-whelmed with joy with knowing that we truly are blessed to have so many amazing and loving people in our lives. Relationships are an important part of our life and we thrive when we are involved with people that we love and care about. Taking the time to be with the ones we love and nurture our relationships is not only important, but also necessary in order to keep them alive. Is there a family member, friend, client, or co-worker that you care and love but have lost contact with? Maybe you lost touch or your relationship has faded because neither of you made it a priority to keep in touch.

This month, OC Fitness Mama would like to encourage you to re-connect, re-kindle and reach out if there is someone you have lost touch with. If you feel that the relationship is healthy and you miss that person, reach out to them and let them know that you care about them. Sometimes it’s about forgiving someone that has hurt you or done something that has not been loving toward you. Forgiving them for whatever that might be is something you can control because you can’t control what they did that hurt you. By forgiving someone that hurts us is a very healthy thing to do. Forgiveness is part of our?internal?health and is a gift to our selves that can free our heart, spirit and soul from bitterness and pain. Maybe you forgive someone and it’s best to let the relationship remain afar, but you will have done your part by taking care of you. When we forgive others that have hurt us we give our self a gift back and that is a beautiful thing.

This month something that would be a great addition to your internal health would be to take time to journal five things daily that you’re grateful for. Doing this journaling can bring you joy and also help you see how blessed you really are. Try it and if you would like to share some of your daily journaling with us at OC Fitness Mama we would love to hear from you! You may post them on our business page wall on Facebook.

Here is the link

One of OC Fitness Mama’s favorite scriptures is John 13:34…A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another, just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving this year, spend time with the ones you love and enjoy each other.

After all, time with the people we love is something that is more precious than any gift. Time is irreversible and we create amazing memories when we live life in the present while making them. Enjoy your visits, your time and conversations with the people in your life this Thanksgiving. Living in the present is a powerful way to live your life, each and every day.

You will be grateful you do!


OC Fitness Mama is Thankful for our clients.

OC Fitness Mama is Thankful for our clients.

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Fit & Fabulous @ 40 and Beyond!

OC Fitness Mama


October is Breast Cancer Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and, at OC Fitness Mama, we like to educate and inspire our clients to take better care of themselves. We as women are always doing everything for others, including our families, loved ones, aging parents and even pets. Over the years we tend to take care of ourselves less and less. When suddenly one day we realize that we can’t do it anymore. Maybe your clothes are getting too tight, you don’t have the energy to do much more than what we have to, or you simply don’t feel well. Perhaps you have just had your yearly physical and blood work done. Then the doctor gives you a call and says he or she needs to see you in their office to go over your results. Once you get there, the doctor explains to you that your ?cholesterol is climbing, your blood pressure is too high and your glucose numbers are high. Because of these results, the doctor wants to put you on medication. Suddenly you find yourself feeling like the world just stopped and you are sinking. This is a feeling of being overwhelmed and feeling hopeless. But you don’t have to feel like that very long because there is a way back. We have helped many of our clients find their way back to their own selves. It is ?all about a plan to put yourself first and to start taking better care of your health through exercise and healthy nutrition.Taking better care of ?yourself is key to helping prevent you from getting different kinds of diseases ranging from all cancers, to high blood blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, diabetes and many more.

According to an article from the L.A. Times on May 20, 2016, they are saying that nearly 1/2 of all cancers in the U.S. could be prevented or delayed if Americans did 4 things: quit smoking, decreased their drinking,?maintained?a healthful?weight?and got at least 150 minutes of exercise each week,?according to a new report. They also reported that this would reduce the number of new cancer diagnoses by 40% to 70%.

This new information was based on cancer rates and health behaviors in two large and long-running studies of health professionals. These two studies included a nurse’s health study and the health professional’s follow-up study. Another study from the Harvard T.H.Chan School of Public Health in Boston was able to take some information and data from the National Cancer Institute’s comprehensive Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results Program. The effect of a healthful lifestyle varied according to the gender and cancer type.?If all of the women in this nation were to embrace this lifestyle, their yearly cancer rates would decrease by 59% and all new cancers would drop 41%. For example women who followed the advice given above for smoking, drinking, weight and exercise could?possibly reduce their risk of lung cancer by 85% and their risk of colon cancer risk by 60%.The study also calculated, if the women took care of themselves, they could reduce pancreatic cancer by 53% endometrial cancer by 37%, ovarian cancer by 34% and breast cancer by 15%.

It is our hope at OC Fitness Mama that you stop procrastinating and get on a exercise program and a healthy eating program as soon as possible. You can make a difference with your health when you put yourself first and take better care of you!!! After all, you are an example to your family and you want to lead your family toward a healthier lifestyle. Cooking at home, exercising, decreasing stress and limiting the 4 things that this article suggested puts you in a much better spot for longevity and good health. Avoid waiting for tomorrow, start with today and make better choices in all ?you do. You’re worth it. Your life and your future depend on it.

Be sure to get your annual check-up and your mammogram. If you are over 50, be sure to get your colonoscopy. Staying on top of your medical appointments is just as important. If fact, it could save your life. Prevention is key, information is ?powerful and neglect is not a good choice. Self care is up to you. We know that you’ll take good care of yourself and do just that.


Fit & Fabulous @ 40 and Beyond

OC Fitness Mama

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September isn’t just for back to school, it’s time for moms to start anew!

When we think of September we think about back to school for our tiny tots, tweens, teenagers, and young adult children going off to college. However, September is more than that. It is a very special month for all of us moms on many levels. It’s a time of year that not only is about our children going back to school, but also a time for us to reflect on what we want to do, go back to or even to start something new. It’s a time of year that makes us want to take ourselves to a whole new level. Take us to a new level by taking better care of not only our families and loved ones but also ourselves. We as mothers and women in our families often put ourselves on the back burner on every level but this September OC Fitness Mama wants to encourage you to take it up a notch and put yourself first. After all if mama’s happy the family is happy right?

Here are four simple ways to feel fit & fabulous everyday all day:

  1. Start your day off with breakfast for you and your family. Often times as mothers we are preparing breakfast and and making lunches in the morning for our children. Or maybe are children are grown and we either make breakfast for other family members or we simply don’t eat breakfast at all. This is a no-no for many reasons…we know this to be true at our studio when our moms make breakfast for their families and somehow forget about themselves. They come to their workouts on a empty stomach and frazzled from their morning.Their workouts reflect this because of their lack of energy and fuel. ?Planning ahead for you, as the mother, and for your family will go a long way. Take time on Sunday to plan ahead what your going to eat in the morning and what your going to fix your family. You can even set the table and get out the cereal bowls or what ever you can to put on the table to make it easier. Make lunches the night before if needed and let your children help, if you have teens delegate that they be responsible for making their own lunches and let them know that you are helping them to become self-sufficient. Protein in morning is very important for everyone in the family. It is going to help fuel you and your family for the day as well as help retain information for the children at school. If you like boiled eggs, you can boil them the night before and they can be ready to go in the morning. They also make great snacks for lunch at home or after-school snacks. Low fat yogurt, cottage cheese, low-fat milk, lowfat chocolate milk, scrambled eggs, and omelets with veggies are all easy and quick meals to make for a power-packed breakfast. Protein shakes are also quick and easy in the morning. ?When planning your breakfast maybe think about 2-3 hot breakfasts with 2 cold breakfast preparations a week to create mixing up the menu. Or create what works best for your family. Oatmeal, whole- wheat english muffins, bagels, healthy cereals, homemade healthy pancakes and waffles are great too. Wholewheat bread with peanut butter, almond butter or cashew butter is great over toast with a cut up banana. Avocado is also a great spread instead of butter on a whole-wheat or other healthy piece of toast. Adding the avocado which is a heart healthy fat in the morning will help to sustain you longer. Try to stay away from juices and have fresh fruit instead. Get your family on board and make it a family affair, but make sure that everyone eats breakfast including mom.
  2. Schedule your daily workout in pen in your planner or in your phone.?Making your daily workouts a priority is a must! Exercise is not an option anymore it really needs to be a lifestyle. Taking care of ?yourself important so figure out what your going to go to get in daily cardio, 2-3 strength training workouts, and stretching every week. Get creative with your time and make it happen. Getting up early before your children do works for a lot of moms. If that doesn’t work get in a noontime workout or after-work. You know your schedule best, just be sure to make it happen!
  3. Start your day with a grateful heart.?I believe with all my heart that starting each day with a grateful heart can help overcome anything you may encounter during your day. If you start your day feeling grateful you are way ahead of everything and everyone else. Knowing that you are starting your day off with a heart full of love, grace and hope will fuel you for an amazing day all day everyday.
  4. When in doubt get a smile out! Have you ever noticed that when you wear a smile everywhere you go life seems a little lighter? Well it’s true! I know first hand, it’s something that I try to do daily. I try even when I feel like I may not be able to do it because of something weighing on my heart. So I challenge you to do just that. When in doubt get a smile out. Try it and see how much better you feel. Also notice how you can help someone else feel. Smiles are contagious so go ahead pass yours own. You’ll feel great?because of it!


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OC Fitness Mama

Stacy Rae Mednick

Fit & fabulous @ 40 and beyond!

Watermelon -mint summer salsa

Watermelon-mint summer salsa:

One of the best things about summer is that friends and clients bring yummy recipes to you to share. Here is one of them, you are going to absolutely love it!


Total time to make: 10 minutes:

2 cups seedless watermelon, diced

1 cup cucumber, diced and seeded

2 Tbsp. sweet red onion, finely minced

1 Tbsp. each cilantro and fresh mint, finely chopped

1 Tbsp. lime juice

1/4 tsp. hot sauce

1/2 tsp. salt

Combined all ingredients, mixing gently to ensure all ingredients are well incorporated. Chill covered fro 1 hour. Serve with crisp tortilla chips (we like the Stacy Pita Chips), or as a garnish for grilled seafood or pork.

Refrigerate any leftover. Makes 3 cups.

*** Feel free to add 1/4 tsp zest of lime and 1 tsp minced jolapeno pepper to taste.


August 3rd National Watermelon Day!

August 3rd National Watermelon Day!


Fit & fabulous @ 40 and beyond!

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