Beware of this diet…it isn’t worth trying it!!!

Would you be willing to do to risk your integrity, sanity, health,? even possible your life to lose some weight???? The answer to this question is NOT? a joke, but a very real question and an important one too!? Some women and men are actually falling for a diet that has made its way back,? just like an old? fashion statement that shows up? every 10 year or so…It is made from the synthetic hormone called: human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) which it actually released naturally during pregnancy to sustain the embryo. The way to describe it best is that when a non-pregnant person takes it, the hormone signals there’s a hungry baby embryo inside you and it helps the body to release stored body fat. However, the shots alone won’t create the weight- loss unless you cut your calories down? to only 500 calories a day.The hormone is suppose to help curb your appetite and help with losing weight.

HCG is actually FDA approved for fertility treatments,? but not for weight loss in fact there is no research to prove it helps with weight loss at ALL!? HCG has been linked to an increase for breast cancer and ovarian cancer & if taken while pregnant can cause possible birth defects!!! Who knows what other dangers could come to life as people continue to inject the HCG.? Because the diet uses such low caloric levels it is linked to a lot of other problems such as: nutrient deficiencies, heart & cardiac problems ( this can possible lead to death),potentially fatal blood clots, electrolyte imbalances, gallstones and other problems…it just isn’t healthy to be skinny if your left with all these health issues or maybe have died from trying to be skinny. This diet is ridiculous, it’s a SCAM and it isn’t good for anyone! So please if you or you know of someone who is doing this HCG diet share this blog with them to help educate them? and let them know that they are putting their life’s? at RISK!

You could lose weight ( temporarily at first), but you could also end up with a cardiac issue or even some brain damage. It isn’t worth it, not even for one? pound!!!

If you Googled the internet to research about this diet, you would find that it isn’t? glamorous…if fact it is very dangerous…I hope that this blog has helped to educate you and also give you some information so that when your friend, family member or someone else try’s to tell you they? have lost a lot of weight on some great diet called the HCG diet, you can inform them that they are putting their lives on the line and they just need to get moving and eat less.



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