Flat Stanley Visits OC Fitness Mama

Recently one of our clients brought a guest to her workout. The guest is actually well known and a male. Even though OC Fitness Mama is a women’s studio we allowed her to bring him along. His name is Flat Stanley and he has quite a story. Now if you are a mom or follow children’s books ?then you know his story and why Stanley is flat, but if you don’t then here is a little re-cap. Stanley Lampchop and his younger brother Arthur where given a bulletin board to hang pictures and other things on by their father. Their father hung the bulletin board over Stanley’s bed and one night the bulletin board fell off the wall and landed on Stanley and flattened him.?Stanley does survive. However, life is different and also somewhat challenging. Stanley now finds himself sliding under doors and doing all the things a boy that is flat would do. His younger brother Arthur even takes him and uses him as a kite. Stanley is now able to travel in an envelope and visit friends and family.

So that is how Flat Stanley found his way to our client’s house. Our client Connees sweet grandson sent Flat Stanley in an envelope to visit his grandma and grandpa. It was part of a school project and along with the project Flat Stanley was to be taken everywhere so that her grandson could write about his visit ?and share it with his classmates upon his return.Taking pictures throughout the trip was also going to add to the experience and make the visit very exciting. Flat Stanley was in for a fast-paced, fun weekend with grandma Connee and grandpa Robin!

That brings us to a Saturday when grandma Connee brought her guest Flat Stanley to her ?workout. He came with a Santa’s hat because it was over Christmas break. We wanted to really have Flat Stanley enjoy his ?workout and he did! We treated Flat Stanley just like we would any other client that visited for the first time. He got the best workout and had a great time. He tried the bosu, TRX, the step and did some exercises on the bench. By the time he was finished he had worked up a real sweat and we took some fun pictures for Connee’s grandson. We also took some pictures of Flat Stanley and the clients ?for the studio.

Things like this at the studio are not only fun for our clients but, fun for our trainers too. Making sure to have fun with our clients and creating an atmosphere for special situations like this brings all of us pure joy. Knowing that we were all part of the making of a fun memory for a young boy was very exciting. We had a great morning having Flat Stanley as our guest and Connee’s grandson ended up with a very unique and fun experience to share with all of his classmates.

OCFM clients with Flat Stanley 2015.

OCFM clients with Flat Stanley 2015.

Flat Stanley comes to "OC Fitness Mama", to workout.

Flat Stanley comes to “OC Fitness Mama”, to workout.


Flat Stanley loved the bosu!

Flat Stanley loved the bosu!

The elliptical trainer was one of Flat Stanley's favorite!

The elliptical trainer was one of Flat Stanley’s favorite!

After Flat Stanley’s weekend with grandma Connee and grandpa Robin he was mailed back in an envelope to their grandson with all the details and pictures of his trip. Connee’s grandson was very happy to have Flat Stanley return.

Now the end of the story is that eventually Flat Stanley got tired of being flat and so his younger brother helped him get back to his shapely self by blowing him up with a bicycle pump and therefore he now goes by Stanley.

What a great morning we had with our clients and making Flat Stanley feel welcome!


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