Elisa’s Transformation Tuesday Story

Elisa’s Transformation Tuesday Story


I work in a dental office and I was guiding my patient to the treatment room. She was walking behind me and she mentioned that I looked slimmer. I thanked her and mentioned that I picked up my walking regime for the month of April due to the walking challenge at OC Fitness Mama. I told her that it actually started back in March. My church held a fundraiser for the Walk 4 Water on March 22nd and we all walked about 4 miles that morning. On the?following day, my daughter Katie and I went on vacation to Germany for nine days. While in Germany, we did a lot of walking every day as we explored, Kaiserslautern, Speyer, Heidelberg and Berlin.

I have been training with Stacy Rae since 9/11/2009. I train with her?two times a week and always moderately walked during my week. With?OCFM’s walking challenge and a gift of a Fitbit, I was off to the races. I walked two times every day, usually 1.2 miles at lunch and a minimum of 1 mile in the early evening plus my everyday running around. My daily average of steps is 12, 860. It wasn’t as hard as I thought to pick up the pace. In the past, my favorite excuse for not getting in extra walking time was that my day had been too busy or I was too tired. Well I just proved to myself this past month that it wasn’t hard to fit in at all and I received the benefit of getting more fit. It was a plus having my black slacks fit looser on me.

Just a side tip: If?I had to put all the time in at one interval a day, it would be difficult to find the 40 to 45 minutes to do all at once but the trick was splitting up the time making it much easier to fit in my day. I recommend 20 minutes at lunch time and 20 minutes in the evening.

I love the way my black pants fit!

I love the way my black pants fit!

My vacation in Germany 4/2015  with my daughter Katie

My vacation in Germany 4/2015 with my daughter Katie


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