Ever had one of those days…

When my husband and I decided to try to have our first baby almost 11 years ago, we never knew what having children was all about. We knew that we wanted children, however I guess you never know what having children is all?about until you actually have them. Now fast forward after having three boys in the last 11 years and believe me we NOW know. Children don’t come with directions on how to raise them. We also as humans are not born with?instructions on how to take care of our bodies.

When we buy a new or used car it usually comes with a manual. But, unfortunately babies do not come with instruction manuals. Over the years taking care of our boys while owning and operating two businesses has taught my husband and I to learn fast — how to do everything all the time 24/7, and if you don’t — the ship sinks quickly.

Learning how to be a HAPPY, mother, wife, business owner, friend, aunt, neighbor and volunteer comes with a price.

My oldest son is in the 4th grade, my middle son is in the 2nd grade and my third son is in preschool. With the school year ending tomorrow I have been desperately trying to fit in as many things as possible. All of my boys
play baseball at different levels. My older son is in T.O.C. (Tournament of The Champions) and after taking him to practices all season long, we are now committed to games on Saturdays. My middle son loves baseball and is the pitcher on his team THE PHILLIES (20/0).They are undefeated and are in the playoff’s. My youngest son just finished
his first season of T-ball, and wow was that a hoot! Last weekend was his last game and he had a party. He received his first trophy and he was beside himself. As parents you all know that if you children play sports, they
have to sign up way in advance, so now all three boys are in soccer for fall. But, do you think that they would wait to start those practices after summer and before the next school year? Of course not, which leads me to
today feeling like a mother with her head cut off!!!! Do you know what I am taking about?

I know mothers who are reading this must, there is no better description! As I was preparing breakfast and getting lunches ready for the day (which normally I do the night before, but do to practices last night I
barely got a meal on the table), my oldest son reminds me that it’s pajama day at school and he gets to bring popcorn to the class room for a movie. As I start to prepare homemade popcorn he informs me, mom REMEMBER
everything we bring to school has to be store bought. I look at the clock and realize how I am going to make this happen. So off I go to the store to get the box of popcorn for him. I barely manage to get back home to give it
to him and send him and his younger brother off to school. I exhausted just writing about this! Well now it’s time to get my 4 year old ready to go with my friend who I do a trade for child- care for training to come and get
him. I look at him not dressed, teeth still not brushes and his stubbed toe from school yesterday. He can barely walk but is excited about his play date. I manage to have him ready with a clean band aid on, clean clothes
and brushed teeth, just in time for my friend to knock on the door. “When you came I was in the middle of trying to get the darn breakfast dishes done, so I could shower and get ready to blog and work.” I had to laugh at
myself as I went to the door with one yellow Playtex glove on one hand and a pan in the other. I opened the door and my friend and I just laughed as we quickly exchanged how our crazy mornings were going I realized
WOW I AM NOT CRAZY OR ALONE! What a breakthrough that was for me. As I watched my 4 year old leave without a kiss goodbye, a look behind, or even a wave I realized that he is his own little man. I could have still had him
clinging to my leg not wanting to leave or be open to letting me try to get to work. He is a sweetheart and I am so blessed. I won’t trade this for anything.

I do believe however, that mommies need balance; we need time for us and time to take care of our bodies, IF MOMMY IS’NT HAPPY NO-ONE IS HAPPY! I know this from my own experience. As a mother myself, I make sure I get my workouts in. I know that it is my saving grace. If you mothers out there are not taking care of yourself then now it is time to do so.

I want to encourage you exercise and get yourself moving. You can start slowly and it
doesn’t have to be all at once either. So if you don’t have time to do an hour at one time, do 30 min. You can do a walk with a toddler in the jogging stroller, if you have little ones. You can go to the park and walk or jog
around the play ground. (I do this while my kid’s play at the park). You can use the Med’s Band to do strength training anywhere, anyplace, anytime. The Med’s Band is a resistance band with exercises printed directly on the band for easy use. You can buy one at Medstac.com. My husband and I are the inventors of the band.

Getting on an exercise program doesn’t have to be expensive. You can get in shape in the convenience of
your own home, beach or the park. But DO IT! You will feel better and have more energy to be the SUPER-PERSON everyone needs and expects you to be EVERYDAY!! Without my workouts and proper sleep, I think I would
have gotten in the car and driven north on PCH and maybe turned back, but today as a more mature mommy, I know that’s NOT a option nor a choice to make.

We as mothers need to balance our lives, find out what works best for you.

Ask your husband to give you two mornings a week our two evenings a week for
time to workout, or try to do it as suggested above if you have a newborn or
a toddler. Get outside and get your nature endorphins going, that is all free
and also helps if you have any depression going on.

Life as a mommy is often hard, but at the end of the day it’s all worth it
and I wouldn’t trade my experience for anything. Now that’s what I’m talkin’

Your’s truly,


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