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When you think of follow through what comes to your mind? More than likely you think of family responsibilities, work, children, volunteering and so many other things. However, have you thought about your follow through with your own health and fitness program? Do you put YOU on your calendar to take time out to take care of yourself? Well, if you haven’t yet, you should! YOU are just as important as everything and everyone else that is on your to-do list. In fact YOU should be at the top of the list and then your other responsibilities can be added. If you take care of yourself then,  you are ready to take care of your families and others. Most of the time we as women do it the other way around, but we eventually pay the price.

As a trainer and a health coach my clients often share with me  that they have resentments because, they have no time for themselves or to exercise. I get it, as a mother of three boys, a wife, business owner, volunteer and all the things on my to-do list… I understand! However, if you take the approach that if you  take care of you first and then others, you will not endure resentments and will have more energy for all your commitments in your life. I share this phrase with my clients: If Mama is happy then everyone’s happy!

So when you are planning your week of work, children’s sports, and everything else be sure to include your 30 minutes a day for you and your fitness program. All of us can find 30 minutes a day for self -care. Write your appointment in pen on your calendar for put it in your phone, whatever works for you, then FOLLOW THROUGH with your agreement with yourself. Treat it like a dental or doctor’s appointment and make it a priority. YOU are worth it and you will feel better for taking time out for yourself and your health. If you had any resentments about not taking out time for you, hopefully they will lessen, because you made the choice to take care of YOU!


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At OCFM we encourage our clients to eat every 2-3 hours. Fueling your body this way helps regulate your blood sugars and increases your energy.
These protein powder balls are a a great grab & go snack for busy fitness mama's🌻💪👟
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Today at OCFM we our celebrating one of our members. She is a "WARRIOR" on so many levels! She was is returning after 8 months of chemo, breast surgery & radiation.
At OCFM we design workouts that fit the personal client in every season of their life.
We are so excited to have her back!
We love you Penny💕😘💪 #StrongAtHeart #StrengthTraining #PersonalTraining #OrangeCounty #KickOutCancer
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6 days ago

OC Fitness Mama Studio

It's fun Friday and there is no place our OCFM clients would rather be than working out today💪👟🏃‍♀️
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