GOOD NEWS FOR ENDOMORPHS – or why we really should be happy with the bodies we were born with.

FINALLY we have some positive data to offer our fitness mamas and those that are not yet fitness mamas. Women who are the Meso/Endo (Hourglass) body type have some amazing statics to hold onto in hone of their body types instead of crying and complain about themselves!

After all what mom wouldn?t be excited that they are an Endomorph ( Pear shape ) and that their children are more intelligent then that of their friends who are other body types. Women who are Endomorphs (pear shaped) are always complaining and upset that they have curves and larger hips, thighs and bums. Now with this new information they should truly rejoice and inform all their friends and family?s including their husbands about this information. Many Endomorphs have husbands that ride them about their weight and their body types, complain and whine no more husbands of women you married who are of this shape. It?s time to rejoice and get excited about your spouse’s hips, thighs and bums for maybe the first time ever. According to an article in the Daily Record (okay it’s a little dated but still new info for most of us): “And the good news is that scientists believe that people with this body shape will live longer, on average, than others.”

Learning to love your pear shape like celebrities Jennifer Lopez and others have worked out hard to be their best with the bodies they were born with. This is exactly what I speak about when I do lectures on loving the body you were born with. You cannot exchange the body you were born with, however you can be your personal best with it and that?s what I?m taking about!!!!!!!!The study done by the Institute of Preventative Medicine in Copenhagen says that women with larger hips that measure around 40 inches and are a size 14 have a greater level of protection against heart conditions than slimmer people. I would think that women who are Endomorphs ( pear shaped) should really be grateful they don?t have to worry so much about a heart attack as their friends that are mesomorphs ( apple shaped ). The endomorphs have one less health concern to worry about and that is a blessing for them.

Although many women and fitness mamas that are curvy may still disagree they should feel better about themselves and start to embrace their body types once and for all. In the past 30 years of my career in personal training, this is the body type that have the most complaints about their hips, bum and thighs more than all the other body types. This body type should do a workout the strengthen their upper body and do exercise to slim their lower body and they will eventually appear more symmetrical over time. This body type is stubborn butt will adhere to a program that is done daily and maintained as a lifestyle and not a temporary thing.

The Mesomorph (apple) type really needs to understand the importance behind this article. It is EXTREMELY important for all mesomorph fitness mamas with or without children to lose body fat around their mid-section. It could mean life or death! I feel the American Heart Association should be talking more about this body type when they do talk about heart disease, stroke, cardiovascular disease and heart attack because women out there and men in the world don?t make that connection. It isn?t even in the American Heart Associations? literature or information. Making this connection with the general public for them is essential with helping them understand the disease potential that is connected to this body type. They should talk about the body types and particularly the mesomorph, because of where they tend to gain weight when we do gain weight. Also, type 2 diabetes is on the raise more and more and it seems to be with this biotype as well. So just because the mesomorphs are an athletic build and are good at sports doesn?t mean that they are ok and don?t have to exercise or don?t need to workout as hard as our endomorph and meso endomorph body types. This means we had better get moving more and more to help prevent these life threatening disease that are really meant to be for the mesomorph body type directly. This article doesn?t mention breast cancer and other cancers, but in my opinion women of this body type need to also get the body fat off because of this certain cancers. Research has shown that breast cancer has a lot to do with lifestyle. Lack of exercise and being sedentary is a NO-NO, as well as poor eating habits and eating too much fat. Alcohol is also a factor that contributes to breast cancer and often we don?t hear about being a contributor to this type of cancer.

Therefore, the mesomorph body-type needs to keep there weight in check, I believe more than all the other body types from a disease prevention outlook. The mesomorph body type is overweight already should be doing cardiovascular exercise 70% of the time and 30% should be spent on strengthening their upper body and lower body. If the mesomorph is NOT overweight then that ratio could drop down to 50% of cardio and 50% of strength.

The Ectomorph (ruler body-type) has its own set of issues to address. Just because they are slim doesn?t mean they are healthy and usually they are not. They can appear skinning on the outside but be overweight on the inside. The Ectomorph (ruler) may not have to worry about heart disease, but they do need to worry about osteoporosis, high cholesterol and blood pressure, which this article didn?t mention. A lot of ectomorphs have poor eating habits and eat a lot of high fat foods and lots of junk food. I believe they do this because they think they can get away with it because they have a fast metabolism. However, this way of thinking eventually gets them into trouble and they end up with the previous health issues I spoke of as well as gaining weight in their tummies and buttocks. They also tend to be the body type that suffers from eating disorders. Most women want to be this body type and are not. This just goes to show you that every body?s body has issues that they need to educate themselves on so they can be empowered– educated to become their personal best with the body they were born with.

The Meso Endomorph (hourglass) body type is a beautiful body type with the muscle of the mesomorph and the curves of the endomorph. The best of both body types, therefore they do have all the diseases potential of the mesomorph as well. According to the article ?What Body Shape are You? They do have some wonderful benefits such as being able to get pregnant easier because of higher hormone levels than other women which helps boost their fertility. WOW, this research in my opion is amazing and should be out in the mainstream so women of this combination body type can rejoice and be excited about their body type. Over the years I have trained many women who are this body type and they complain and dislike it because it is hard to change. This body type tends to gain weight on the upper and lower body (all over) when they do gain weight therefore it too can be a stubborn body type to lose weight.

The key to this body type is too doing a ratio of 60% – 40%. 60% of the time with an exercise program should be spent doing cardiovascular exercise with 40% of the time should be spent doing strength training exercise with light weight and lots of reputations. The body type is beautiful and is also shared not only by Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield, Anna Nicole Smith but also Oprah Winfrey. If only I could be the personal trainer to tell her that since her trainer Bob Greene hasn?t.


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