Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all you FANTASTIC fitness Mama’s! I hope your holiday’s were full of family fun, traditions (new and old) and creating new memories. As the new year has arrived many of us are thinking about new ways to get going and re-motivated to lose that extra weight from December or maybe even from last year. What ever the case may be, this year is a great year to start thinking about how to make yourself a PRIORITY. ?Remember that making changes big or small takes time and effort and with neither of those things in place, change doesn’t happen. This year I have asked my clients and students to think about 3 goals, (not New Years resolutions), but goals that they are serious about being successful with. I truly believe that having too many goals (especially if it involves ?personal changes), is over-whelming. Take time to write down your goals and share them with someone you trust. Ask them if you they can help ?you by being accountable to them. ?A personal trainer, health coach, friend, husband, or a women’s support group like, Weight Watches is a great and safe place to do this. When you have?a?support system in place then you are more likely to follow through and keep moving toward your goals. Last year I did this with my clients, and when we took a look at what they wrote down at the beginning of the year last year ?in December, most of them had all ?reached their goals. They felt like that accomplished something for themselves that was important and personal. Better yet, they followed through regardless if they met the goal or not. That is HUGE!

Something that a lot of the women at “OC Fitness Mama” were using last year and are going to continue to use this year is the Fit Bit or the JawBone bracelet that tracks your daily steps, your calories, your sleep patterns and more…it even adds up how much time you’ve been sitting! They are a lot of the bracelet’s to choose from, but our clients have enjoyed these two best. I personally treated myself to a JawBone for my birthday/Christmas present last month, and ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! ? As a personal trainer we also need motivation and the JawBone is a great tool to use to see the steps you’ve taken and how far away your daily goal is or how close you are to reaching it. It even sends you a message to coach and cheer you on throughout the day! I encourage you to try one and I would love to hear your stories about your experience with using them…We all can get motivated from one an-others stories. So let’s get busy moving this year and reach all 3 of those goals! How many steps per day will be your goal be? Only you can decide that, but decide and then get moving!!!

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