Happy New Year 2012

Happy New Year 2012

Hello FitnessMamas,

“Happy New Year”! I hope you had a wonderful time with your family and friends over the Holiday’s. By now things have calmed down, the kids are back in school and you are all back on a schedule. Hallelujah right! At least this is the way I feel about it…it was great to have the kids home from school and have some family time, but it is also nice to have everyone back on a schedule too.

This year in-stead of thinking about New Years Resolutions, why not think of healthy goals for your fitness program instead. A long time ago I let go of trying to set New Years Resolutions? and in-stead I started writing down three fitness goals that I wanted to work on for my self? for the year. For this year I am going to encourage my clients to try to do the same. I am asking them to write down three fitness goals that they would like to work on the date at which they would like to try to achieve them. I believe this is a reasonable way to think about setting some goals and also a way to keep it simple. I have shared this with my clients for this year and they all agree that it is doable and reasonable. I think that sometimes if the goals are over-whelming and to hard to achieve then they get pushed to the way-side and forgotten, usually within the first month of the year.? This year think about goals that are ones that you feel you could be successful with and have support from your family and friends with. Write them down and be as specific and you can. Take the time to think about them and make your self be accountable and follow through. There is something really special about making goals and reaching them…I know this from my personal experience and from my clients experiences as well. So get to work and write down your fitness goals…I wish you luck and much success…

One on the things I am doing this year is going green…not just to help the environment but to help my body feel better. I am going to be doing green smoothies most mornings during the week…one of my clients shared this simple yet healthy recipe with me…I tried it today and it gave me a boost of energy and it tasted good to.

Here’s to the year of the Green Smoothie….join me in going green, green veggies are full of antioxidants, and have many other health benefits as well. For me I like the idea of drinking my veggies in the morning, I know I will have a jump-start on the day and I will be getting 3-5 servings of fruits and veggies too. Here is the recipe from my dear client who has been doing green smoothie’s for a while and loves them…I know you will grow to love them too…


Use 8-16 oz of light coconut milk ( you can do? 8 oz of water and 8 oz of coconut milk if you like)

Two stalks of celery

1/2 cup of cucumbers ( peeled and cut)

1/2 organic spinach

1/2 fruit of your choice

1/2 ice

Put coconut water in the blender first, then add the celery, then add the cucumbers, then add the spinach and ice. Blend all together….Lastly add your favorite fruit I would suggest using frozen fruit… try using mangos…blend all together and there you have it…your green smoothie…seasoned-salted-seawood

Here is a great green snack for you and your kids…it is green seaweed and can be found at Trader Joe’s and Costco… I by the big box of 24 at Costco for school lunches… my boys love it too!seaweed

Exercise for January 2012…

beach-walksfoodbeach-walksfood-2Lat pull down with calve raise…hold tube over head pull down to the top of your chest while you lift up onto the balls of your toes… Works your back, biceps, core and calves…can be done anywhere, anytime, anyplace…you may also use a flat band as well. You can order my body type book and bands at…www.StacyRaeMednick.com

Scripture of the month...But the fruit of the Spirit is love,? joy,? peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Galatians? 5:22? ( NIV)

Laura "Hula Hooping" during a small group personal training class 1-5-12

Laura “Hula Hooping” during a small group personal training class 1-5-12

Power walking at the beach,,,my favorite!

Power walking at the beach,,,my favorite!

This year I would like to encourage all you OCFitnessMamas and the FitnessMama’s outside of the OC as well to join my “300 Day Cardio Club” for 2012. This challenge was designed to help you “Stay the Course” with you cardio for 2012. Try to do some form of cardio ( walking, biking, swimming, group fitness class, step class, spinning class, any piece of cardio equipment) for 300 out of the 352 days in the year. You can do your cardio all at once or sprinkle it? throughout your day for example? ( 10 min am. 10 noon & 10 min pm) if you don’t have time to do 60 min at a time. This is a great way to get it in and it is manageable. As a mother myself I find this very reasonable and on some day’s that works better for me than doing it all at one time., Research shows that doing little bits at a time is just as good as doing it all at once. It all ends up in your cardio bank at the end of the day! So the bottom line is to just ” Do It” just like NIKE say’s…If you would like to go to my Facebook page and join in on the fun and post what you do daily that would be great. If you are not already a friend of mine, send me a friend request and then you can join in on the fun and stay motivated. Look me up on Facebook…StacyRaeOCFitnessMama

I look forward to your friendship and seeing your daily posts…Don’t miss out on the fun and the fire that the FitnessMama’s our all having.





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