Happy New Year……

Happy New Year to all my fellow Fitness Mama’s:

Wow … can you believe it is 2011?!

I am so excited for this New Year and all the wonderful things that we have to look forward to!

I want to suggest that you start thinking of putting yourself in the front seat of the car ?this year and start taking better care of yourself. Perhaps?that could be a long-term goal that you have and not just another short-term?resolution.? Usually when women make their?New Year’s resolutions they are short-lived and often times end before they even start. This year I would like to help you make a personal commitment to yourself to take better care of yourself and that simply?means ?having healthier exercise and nutritional habits. It’s all about being consistent with yourself and taking the time to do what you need to do to feel better. When you feel better about yourself? then everything else has a way of doing better as well. Your family will notice that mom is taking time out for herself and that is important for them to see you do that. You are also setting a living?example to your entire family that it is important to respect your body and take good care of it.?After all we?are all?born with?just one body!

Below are some tips on how to de-age yourself and feel better in 2011….


  1. Smile more … when you smile more you?appear to have more confidence and more of a positive outlook in?and?on life. Practice smiling more with your family, friends and co-workers. You are also more approachable and seem to be happier. This is one that I will personally be practicing myself.
  2. Practice patience …. this is a life skill that is necessary to practice every-where we go. It goes a long way when we do. Avoid stressing out when you are waiting in line somewhere. I take something to read everywhere I go because I know ( especially living in California) that I will be waiting in line somewhere for something. It also teaches are children that patience is truely a vertue.
  3. De-age yourself … ?by staying out of the sun between the hour of 10-4pm and please wear sunscreen or?a hat when you are working out outside in the middle of the day. Outdoor training is simply the best, however it can age you if you don’t take care of your skin while your out there doing your thing. Put sunscreen on your hands too, they age from the sun as well.
  4. Just say, NO! Be aware of what your reading and putting into your mind when it comes to the media, Celebrity magazines , T.V.? some fitness video’s and fashion shows. Remember?that most of the celebrities and images that you see with these women who model are not at a healthy weight or are even a?realistic for us as active and busy moms. They also are most likely a different body-type then you and therefore are not a true measure of what you should compare yourself too. Be in-control of what you look at and participate in, Just say, No if you need to!?Please view my website to take the BODY TYPE?TEST. Go to www.Body-Techniques.com?click on the? third tab that say’s Body Type, and then on that page scroll down the page, go until you pass the Meso/Endo video and underneath you will see click the image below and print on the Body Type test. Print in out and take it,?you will learn alot about yourself.?Every women should?know her body type and if you don’t know is the time to learn about it!?Once you take the body-type test then you can watch the body-type??video that you fit. ?You will then ?have a very clear understanding of your body-type ?and you can also use the exercises that I have shown you in the video’s for? some of your workout’s.?You can also purchase my ebook called, ” Stacy Rae Mednick’s Mid-Life Workout System Feeling Fit and Fabulous at 40 and Beyond.. on my website www.StacyRaeMednick.com?? In my ebook I will educate you on your body-type and give you a workout for your specific body-type so you can be your personal best in 2011.
  5. Eat right … decrease your?sugar, salt & soda intake in?your daily nutritional life. You should increase your water, try organic green tea or?low sodium V-8 juice for way’s to replenish your thirst. Try salt-free nuts for a great protein snack ( almonds, sunflower seeds, walnuts & pistachio), and if you drink any soda … then STOP!! Soda is not good for you or your teeth, it also is not good for your family or your children to drink either.
  6. Hang out with friends … ?that lift your spirit up and not?the ones?that suck you dry and take the life out of you.?Take note of what kinds of friends need to?possibly be?a little less in your life and those that always seem to engage, encourage and lift your spirits up. I believe that friendship’s that are negative and toxic are not healthy for you and your spirit, and can rob you of your positive spirit. Try to spend time with those friends that make you feel BETTER & BEAUTIFUL when you are in their company.
  7. Eat less, move more, get to bed no later than 11 pm … ?and make sure that you say your prayers to our maker! Eat fewer calories,? and move?and exercise your body more. Be mindful of what you are eating and the portions that you are consuming at every meal. Eat like a Queen at breakfast, a King at lunch, and a popper at dinner. Include two snacks;?one ?in between breakfast and lunch and one in-?between lunch and dinner. Do your best to eat and cook at home and if you work, take your lunch to work.. Take advantage of going to bed no later than 11pm and you will benefit from one of the most amazing hormones your body makes naturally, HGH human growth hormone. If you go to bed and get your Zzzzzz, then your body will also lose those unwanted pounds that you want and desire to lose. Take time to pray?throughout?your entire day and at bedtime, spend some time speaking what you are grateful?for and draw closer to God.
  8. NO SMOKING! If you smoke set a date TODAY to STOP … PLEASE!! Smoking is a slow death … I lost my own mother as a direct link to her smoking …?SMOKING finally killed her … It will seep into every pore of your body! Some women smoke to stay thin, this is crazy or insane!? I have helped motivate many clients to stop smoking and I can help you too. Do it for you and your family, especially if you have children, they don’t deserve to be around second-hand smoke PERIOD!?SMOKING can kill us?faster than anything else.
  9. Relax … learn to take time to breathe and be still … In the world we live in today, everything is going a million miles a minute. Take time? to smell the roses, really and just practice being still in your day and then see how you feel. The stress level in your lives will decrease and you will feel more refreshed too.
  10. Keep a workout/food/ and gratitude ?journal … Research shows that keeping a journal of your daily food intake and your workouts is motivating and helps with you getting and achieving positive results. Often times we don’t think we are overeating until we log everything we eat and every thing we drink. Usually, all of us?are over-eating and under exercising. Writing down? 1-3 things we are grateful for shows us that we are mindful of our blessings and we then ?realize that we are so, so very?blessed. Sometimes just seeing them written down on paper can bring much joy to our spirit and help increase our gratitude.
  11. Laugh … Yes laugh more please … watch funny movies, tell fun jokes and laugh at yourself more. Don’t be so serious all the time. Life is to short to always be so serious. Have fun and live life to its?fullest by taking the time to laugh daily, your abdominal will get a great workout in too!!!
  12. Attitude …attitude is EVERYTHING!!!? So make your’s a POSITIVE one!! This year is a great year to have and maintain a positive attitude!!!

Scripture of the month😕 For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come… 1 Timonthy 4:8

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My boy’s at the beach!!

My oldest son Mathias (11)

My middle son ( 9)

My youngest Micah ( 5)

My three son’s…..

Happy New Year 2011

My clients that went hiking in Southern Utah 2010


Hi Stacy,

I have attached a picture I thought you’d enjoy.? It’s Mari and I at Calf Creek Falls in Southern Utah.? We did the almost 7 mile hike in August 2010.? We were blessed this day with wonderful cloud cover.? Usually it’s about 100* at that time of year.? The reason that we were able to complete this hike is because of our great workouts and your amazing guidance.? I had chronic back pain for several years before I started working out with you.? I no longer have back pain and I have so much more energy now.? I know that it’s because I continue to work out with you every week.? What a blessing you are in my life.

Thank you so much and Happy New Year!


Isn’t that a great picture? Love it.

Thanks for reading my blog, please send me any comments I would love to hear from you…







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