How Do You Determine Results?

Are you one of those women that starts their day off by getting on the scale every day? Or do you get on the scale on a Monday morning after the weekend to see if you’ve gained weight and if you have then your whole day is reined and you make everyone around you miserable? Then this blog is just for you!

When you first start a fitness program you want to do a fitness assessment with a trainer or health coach.This assessment should include: your weight, girth measurements, body fat, noting your dress or pant size and taking a before picture. After all you know what they say, a picture says it all right? All of this information is important and you will want to have to reflect on it down the road.

However, once you know what your weight is then you don’t need to revisit the scale every day. In fact at OCFM we encourage our clients to stay, “OFF” the scale and get to work on their goals. If you are trying to lose weight and you find yourself weighing daily and the scale isn’t moving in the other direction then this could really set you up for a negative mindset. Knowing that the scale is just one of the tools that will show you if you are getting results or not is important. It is also important that you know that the scale just reads back THREE numbers and it doesn’t break them down in a way for you to understand what they mean. Most women just assume that the three numbers are all fat, and that isn’t correct. The three numbers that you see include: lean muscle mass, body fat, bones, blood, your head, skin, and other internal organs. If you are working with a trainer or health coach then they can help to explain this to you.

It is important to understand that the best kind of results come from losing body fat and gaining lean muscle mass. When this occurs your female fat cells decrease, your muscle cells increase, you lose inches, decrease your body fat and fit into your favorite jeans. Now that is called getting results regardless of what the scale reads back to you.

After you have been training for about 3, 6 or 12 months redo your fitness assessment and take an after picture too. You will be amazed at what happens! It is important to note that you will get the best results by eating a healthy diet along with an exercise program that includes, strength training, cardio and flexibility.

This is what one of our OCFM clients did. She is an endomorph and it took some time but, she went to work and lost body fat, inches, weight and now fits into her favorite jeans.

She couldn’t be happier, she earned it for sure, and you can to.

Yes, a picture says it all, you can see that for yourself.

Congratulations, Gayle we are so proud of you!

You look fit and fantastic from the inside out!


Fit & fabulous @ 40 and beyond

OC Fitness Mama


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It's triceps Thursday at OC Fitness Mama and our client is hard at work training hers. The skull crusher is a old bodybuilding exercise however, it is still one of the best for the triceps. This three headed muscle is a challenge to get results with however, it will become more tone and shapely with the correct exercises and nutrition plan.
If you're looking for a nutrition plan to fit your exercise program please contact us we have a great one that is helping all of our clients get serious results with their training💪👟🏃‍♀️
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