March is National Nutrition Month

At OC Fitness Mama we coach and encourage our clients to make good nutritional choices daily. We also encourage our clients to shop, plan and cook their meals. When you do these three things you are on your way to success. Taking time to plan meals is really the best way to get organized so you can be ready to go every morning. For example, planning your breakfast and lunches for the workweek is hugh. If you have to get up and help get your family out the door and you have no idea what to make for breakfast or lunch in the morning, it makes for a hectic morning and a very stressful one at that. However, if you plan your breakfast for the week then all you need to do in the morning is make the meal, or place it on the table if you have pre-planned and it is already made than that is great. An example of this would be oatmeal in a jar. Oatmeal in a mason jar made the night before for you or your family is easy, healthy and  great idea. Another idea would be to boil eggs the night before and have them ready to go for the morning with some whole grain toast and some fruit.  For lunches, do the same thing plan them for the week as well and make them the night before so you all you have to do is get them ready and take them. Salad’s in a jar, lettuce wraps, soups, sandwiches on healthy grain breads and left over chicken and rice from the night before are all great ideas. The main idea here is to think ahead, plan ahead and take time to shop for your meals.

Weekends are a great time to make some meals for the week and freeze them for dinner. Find some easy recipes on line or in your favorite cookbooks and get busy. Have your family help you and get some feedback what your family likes and get busy creating meals and then put them in containers and freeze them for the week. Then all you have to do is heat them up and they are ready to go.

If you have never planned meals before and feel overwhelmed by the idea go to 

You will find a lot of great free ideas, information and education to help you get on your way with eating healthier. The website is free and has pictures of all the food groups, and will give you some inspiration just by seeing all the different colors of food. There are lots of things to see, learn and use to help you get started with better planning and healthier eating.  Eating healthy isn’t hard it just takes effort.

Putting together healthy meals for you and your family can be very rewarding and fun to do. Gather your family and start the planning, shopping and the prepping and you’ll be on your way to a new and healthier you!


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Saturday semi private training with friends is the best!
When women train with other women it helps to motivate them.
Come try a workout we would love to meet you! Call or text to reserve your session: (714) 510-BODY (2639)💪👟🏃‍♀️
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Fitness + focus = fabulous! It’s flamingo Thursday, our OC Fitness Mama client is all in pink. She’s working on strengthening her upper back a muscle group she hasn’t been able to train for a very long time because, she is recovering from stage 4 breast cancer.
This exercise not only is great for her posture and her upper back strength but, is an amazing milestone for her personal. She has trained throughout her treatments and the devastating news of hearing that she had stage 4 breast cancer.
This news did not derail her from keeping her body as strong as possible throughout her journey. We modified her training so she could do what she could do. We didn’t focus on what she couldn’t do.
Her positive mindset, determination and will power throughout this entire time shows that she is an amazing WARRIOR!!!
We call Penny our OCFM HERO💪💕🌻
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Have a hoop of a Tuesday today for your workout. The hula hoop is a great way to shape your waist, have fun and get your cardio in too!
Hulu hoops can be weighted or not.
At OC Fitness Mama we have some of both types of hula hoops for our clients🏃‍♀️💪👟
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