March is Nutrition Month…

March is nutrition month and with that comes day light savings. Longer day’s and more time to get outside and exercise and eat healthy. This month I would like to challenge you to try to eat right and journal your food for the rest of the month. Check out the new and improved food pyramid that has a wealth of information to help you learn everything you need to help educate you and your family on proper nutrition:


Also buy a pedometer and try to start walking. ?Count your steps and write them down in your journal as well. You should try to walk 3-5 day’s a week and then work up to 3-4 day’s a week especially, ?if you are trying to lose weight. ?Start off slow and steady…. Your short-term goal would be to walk for 20 min. for a week. Then slowly add-on 10 more min. and so on. ?Remember that you can also walk ?several 10 min. bouts several times throughout the day. Avoid doing too much to soon, if you beginner to walking then start off with 10 min. then slowly add time little by little. Your long-term goal will be 20-60 min. of continuous walking 3-4 day’s a week. Or again several 10 bouts of walking throughout the day if that works best for you. ?Sometimes that works better for people, especially if you work at home or have small children. It makes it do-able.

Do what you can when you can, but just DO IT!!

At the end of March look at your journal and see how your eating has improved. Use the website ?and the pyramid to?keep track of your food. Get a clear understanding of what a food serving is and how many servings need to come from each food group. Track your walking steps from your pedometer and write them down after each walk.

Drink lots of water and stay away from soda and juices.

Research shows it takes 21 day’s to make a habit and break a habit. Let’s take the next 21 day’s to implement these suggestions and if you have a habit you’d like to break ( maybe it’s smoking for example), then you may want to try to do that do. Or wait until you have these suggestions in place and work on that one next.?Regardless, you can use this method to make healthy changes for yourself, one by one.

I look forward to hearing some of your comments and please feel free to ask me any questions. I would love to help make things more clear for you and help you feel better too.




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