September isn’t just for back to school, it’s time for moms to start anew!

When we think of September we think about back to school for our tiny tots, tweens, teenagers, and young adult children going off to college. However, September is more than that. It is a very special month for all of us moms on many levels. It’s a time of year that not only is about our children going back to school, but also a time for us to reflect on what we want to do, go back to or even to start something new. It’s a time of year that makes us want to take ourselves to a whole new level. Take us to a new level by taking better care of not only our families and loved ones but also ourselves. We as mothers and women in our families often put ourselves on the back burner on every level but this September OC Fitness Mama wants to encourage you to take it up a notch and put yourself first. After all if mama’s happy the family is happy right?

Here are four simple ways to feel fit & fabulous everyday all day:

  1. Start your day off with breakfast for you and your family. Often times as mothers we are preparing breakfast and and making lunches in the morning for our children. Or maybe are children are grown and we either make breakfast for other family members or we simply don’t eat breakfast at all. This is a no-no for many reasons…we know this to be true at our studio when our moms make breakfast for their families and somehow forget about themselves. They come to their workouts on a empty stomach and frazzled from their morning.Their workouts reflect this because of their lack of energy and fuel. ?Planning ahead for you, as the mother, and for your family will go a long way. Take time on Sunday to plan ahead what your going to eat in the morning and what your going to fix your family. You can even set the table and get out the cereal bowls or what ever you can to put on the table to make it easier. Make lunches the night before if needed and let your children help, if you have teens delegate that they be responsible for making their own lunches and let them know that you are helping them to become self-sufficient. Protein in morning is very important for everyone in the family. It is going to help fuel you and your family for the day as well as help retain information for the children at school. If you like boiled eggs, you can boil them the night before and they can be ready to go in the morning. They also make great snacks for lunch at home or after-school snacks. Low fat yogurt, cottage cheese, low-fat milk, lowfat chocolate milk, scrambled eggs, and omelets with veggies are all easy and quick meals to make for a power-packed breakfast. Protein shakes are also quick and easy in the morning. ?When planning your breakfast maybe think about 2-3 hot breakfasts with 2 cold breakfast preparations a week to create mixing up the menu. Or create what works best for your family. Oatmeal, whole- wheat english muffins, bagels, healthy cereals, homemade healthy pancakes and waffles are great too. Wholewheat bread with peanut butter, almond butter or cashew butter is great over toast with a cut up banana. Avocado is also a great spread instead of butter on a whole-wheat or other healthy piece of toast. Adding the avocado which is a heart healthy fat in the morning will help to sustain you longer. Try to stay away from juices and have fresh fruit instead. Get your family on board and make it a family affair, but make sure that everyone eats breakfast including mom.
  2. Schedule your daily workout in pen in your planner or in your phone.?Making your daily workouts a priority is a must! Exercise is not an option anymore it really needs to be a lifestyle. Taking care of ?yourself important so figure out what your going to go to get in daily cardio, 2-3 strength training workouts, and stretching every week. Get creative with your time and make it happen. Getting up early before your children do works for a lot of moms. If that doesn’t work get in a noontime workout or after-work. You know your schedule best, just be sure to make it happen!
  3. Start your day with a grateful heart.?I believe with all my heart that starting each day with a grateful heart can help overcome anything you may encounter during your day. If you start your day feeling grateful you are way ahead of everything and everyone else. Knowing that you are starting your day off with a heart full of love, grace and hope will fuel you for an amazing day all day everyday.
  4. When in doubt get a smile out! Have you ever noticed that when you wear a smile everywhere you go life seems a little lighter? Well it’s true! I know first hand, it’s something that I try to do daily. I try even when I feel like I may not be able to do it because of something weighing on my heart. So I challenge you to do just that. When in doubt get a smile out. Try it and see how much better you feel. Also notice how you can help someone else feel. Smiles are contagious so go ahead pass yours own. You’ll feel great?because of it!


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