Setting goal’s is a great way to help motivate you to get fit…

Setting goal’s is a great way to help motivate you to get fit…

As a personal trainer & health coach? having my clients set goals and reach them is something I believe in and encourage them to do. When I first start with a client we talk about what kind of goals they have and how important they are to them. Having a time-line to reach your goals in is very important.

Setting goals for 3-6 months, is going to be different than setting goals for 6-12 months. If you are wanting to lose weight having the goal to lose 1 pound a week for 20 weeks is a wonderful goal and very specific too aim for as well.? Aiming for specific goals are much more? attainable as well rather than having goals be vague and unclear. When creating goals be sure to write them down and keep them simple. You can use my book on my website to help get you use to writing down goals and reflecting back on them week after week, if not use a notebook to log your workouts, eating and your goals…I like to suggest to clients to look at 3-6 months and set 3 short-term goals and then? look at 6-12 months and set 3 more long-term goals that need more time to reach. By placing a time-frame on certain goals it helps you to be more clear with what goals are going to work better in a shorter about of time and which goals are going to work better in a longer time-frame and also require more time, like weight loss.? Writing down goals on paper and seeing them written down helps you to visualize the goals and imprint them in your sub-conscious. Once they are stored there then you have a mind-body connection to the goal and it makes it that much more meaningful to you and much more personal as well.

This year one of my clients Janice wanted to have a long-term goal of doing the MUD RUN in south county…She did it the year before and wanted to do it again this year. I was really proud of her last year in 2011 for doing the run as well and knew that if she had done it the year before with training with me that she could do it again this year as well. Janice is a Ectomorph and I knew that with her body type that strength training and stretching were going to be two huge components to her training. This was a long-term goal for Janice and with the proper training program and consistency she finished it in June of 2012. Not only did she achieve her goal one time but, twice in two years…I am so proud of her and I believe that next year she will be shooting for that same long-term goal again and together we will both help her reach it.

If you have a goal that you think is too hard or will take to long to reach, think again… goals such as the MUD RUN?? are the kinds of goals that stretch you and take you out of your comfort zone just like it did with Janice…you just might get hooked you never know.

Congratulations Janice I am so proud of you! I knew you could do it and you did!

Goals are great and reaching them are even better, if you have a goal go for it! You’re the only one standing in your way…


Great job Janice, love the costume too!



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