How do you stay accountable to your training?

How do you stay accountable to your training? Do you have a trainer or coach that you stay in touch with during the week? Do you check off the workout with a check mark in planner or calendar? Or do you have phone app that helps you to stay accountable to your workouts? What ever way you do it, it’s important to do something. Research shows that being a accountable to someone when you are are trying to reach goals is essential in getting results with anything that you are doing, whether it be your own personal fitness goals, business goals or with school and other areas of our lives.

At OCFM we like to help our clients stay accountable in between training and coaching sessions. What we have found to be helpful for our clients is to text us and take pictures of ย their meals on their cell phones. Most of our clients have a cell phone and so do we so it only made sense for us to have our clients stay in touch with us this way and stay accountable. They love it and it works too! We have had great success with doing this with them.

When new clients sign up with us at the studio, we talk with them about accountability and why it’s important to be accountable to their trainers or coach in between workouts. We also share with them the importance of this especially in the beginning of them working with us because it helps them them know that we care about them and if they are doing cardio, eating healthy and their stretching like we have suggested for them to do in order to get the results they desire. If a client is not doing some of the suggestions that we have made for them, then we can share with them that it’s important to still stay in touch with us and let us know if they are struggling so we can encourage them to get up and get moving again.

These tiny touches are just one way that we like to go the extra mile for our clients. They seem to appreciate it and also it helps them to know we are cheering them on. Everyone needs to be accountable to someone or something.

As the owner of OCFM, I am accountable to walking daily with my Fitbit. The days I walk outside on the Santa Ana River Trail I place a rock at the two-mile marker to help me see my accountability with how many rocks I can collect and place in this space I have created. It’s funny because the other day a young man was with a group of cyclist saw me do this. He looked at me like I was crazy and shook his head. I then decided to share with him why I was doing what I was doing and he then said to me, “that is a really good idea,” and he smiled at me. I share this with you because even as a trainer and heath coach, I also need things to help me stay accountable. It feels good and helps me to see more of the rocks pilling up. Who knows? Someone else might see me and will want do the same thing. I would love to see them do this, because if it helps me it could help them.

Find what works for you and stick with it. Being accountable, is important and everyone needs a way to do what works best for him or her. You will not only be inspired but you will also reach your goals faster and feel empowered.


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