STOP DIETING Part 2: Getting out of a Food Rut

A lot of my clients can see from looking at the Food Pyramid that they are lacking in certain food groups and that they need to eat more protein, for example, or get more calcium each day.

For the most part, people don?t eat enough of a variety of food each day because, they get stuck in what I call a ? food rut?, and are also creatures of habit and eat the same thing day in and day out.

This is not only unhealthy, but it could eventually cause you to be deficient in certain vitamins and minerals. Being deficient in these areas can lead to certain diseases according to research that I have seen in many medical journals and also through my own research and experience. It also keeps you from losing weight. The body responds best to a variety of food, and small frequent meals and snacks. One hour upon awakening in the morning is best and then eating every 3-4 hours throughout the day is your best defense to lose weight and keep the metabolism elevated.

It is important with all four body types to eat proper amounts of protein, often women don?t eat enough protein and that is part of the reason they aren?t losing weight, Often times women eat too many servings from the bread group and fail to eat enough calcium too. I truly believe eating enough protein (about ? your current body weight in grams of protein). and enough calcium depending on your age is on of the best way?s you can get your weight under control with all body types.

With my body type workout and eating system I have put together a weekly food log for seven day?s of the week that you can check how many serving from each food group you had each day. Carbs, Veggies, Protein, Diary, Fruit, Fats, Water, Caffeine and Alcohol. I also have a place to journal food each day and a place to comment on how your mood was each day as well. The one food group I feel strongly about is the carbohydrate group. I believe that the Ectomorph body type should have 7-9 servings daily making most of those complex carbohydrate choices, Mesomorphs 5-6 servings daily making most of those complex carbohydrates, Endomorph body type should have 3-4 servings daily making most of those complex carbohydrates and the Meso-Endo body type should have 3-4 servings daily making most of those complex carbohydrate choices. This is the one food group that I feel really makes a difference when it comes down to food choices for the body types. I also feel that getting enough calcium for all the body types is very important for weight lose too as well as proper sleep habits.

Having breakfast is one of the most important decisions you will make every day, it is an important habit to create. It also helps jump-start your metabolism. Try one of my amazing recipes.

One of my favorite recipes is my Breakfast Egg Burrito:

You?ll need:

1 Cup egg substitute (eggbeaters)
? Cup onion
? Cup red pepper
1-2 Roma tomatoes
Salt-Free herbs and spices
4-5 Mushrooms
Non-Stick cooking spray
2-3 tbs. fat-free cheese (0ptional)
Salsa or hot sauce (Optional)

Wash and cut vegetables. Dice or cut into bite-sized pieces. Set tomatoes aside.
Mix vegetables in bowl with egg substitute. All spices.
Spray frying pan with Pam. Heat at medium flame. Cook mixture, stirring constantly until firm to your liking.



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