Pre-Workout Food Ideas

Pre-Workout Food Ideas

As the owner of a personal training studio, I often get asked by our clients “what are some good ideas to eat before my strength training workout?” This is such a great question and I always respond with, “what a great question”, I am so glad you asked!”

It is so important to fuel your body before your strength training workout. Eating before your workout helps you to provide your body with enough fuel and energy to sustain a workout so that you can achieve your workout goals. Depending upon what time of day you workout, the length and the intensity of your workout will help determine what you should eat before you train. At OC Fitness Mama we train women so, for the purpose of this blog, we will focus on food ideas for women.

Here are a few key things to keep in mind before you workout to help fuel your body for an awesome workout. Drink about 8-16 ounces of water prior to your workout. Staying hydrated from the time you wake up until you go to bed is important for your body. Sipping water all day is a great idea. Get a nice glass water bottle and make it a habit. We like to suggest to our clients to start drinking water upon awakening. A great tip is to start your day with hot water and lemon before you eat any food. It helps to fill your stomach and helps to start your day at a positive hydration level. If you do not consume enough water from water, fruit, veggies, tea, coffee, or juice then your body can become dehydrated and fatigued, which will affect your workout. Sometimes being dehydrated can also cause headaches too. You could also have some cramping occur during your workout or during the day and it could be because you haven’t had enough water to drink. So be aware of water intake daily and listen to your body for possible signs of dehydration.

Depending on when you train will also determine what you eat. If you train early in the morning it’s a great way to increase your metabolism, but you may not feel like eating. At OCFM, we also coach our clients that no matter how early you train you need a little something to eat. Therefore, because liquid digests really easily it might be a good idea to have a small smoothie. A glass of milk or a apple would be a nice suggestion for those 6 am, workouts. For a workout that is as early as 6 am keep it light and then have something post workout within an hour.

As far as fueling your body for workouts at other times of the day, try some of these suggestions. You will be sure to feel hydrated and energetic for your training. Here are some examples: ?yogurt ( plain or greek), bananas, pears, applesauce, healthy bars, smoothies ( made with unsweetened, almond, cashew or coconut milk, low-fat milk or yogurt), whole wheat bread ( we recommend Ezekiel 4:9 or Ezekiel english muffins), almond butter, cashew butter and peanut butter. Other great protein sources are boiled eggs, low-fat cottage cheese, string cheese, low-fat cream cheese and chicken. A warm cup of coffee with some milk and a small healthy bran muffin or a toast with avocado and an egg are also great options.

So the next time you go for a workout, try some of these ideas and see how good you feel. Chances are your workouts will improve and so will your stamina.

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