Create a new and positive mindset for 2018!

Happy New Year!

With every new year comes those new year’s resolutions, expectations and the SAME mindset that we have had for many years. Every year we set out to tell ourselves that we will lose weight, and the list goes on and on. We do the same thing year after year only to find out that two weeks into the new year we have already fallen short and we are already disappointed in ourselves. We have to be able to set ourselves up for success with a brand new positive mindset for 2018!

This year I would like to suggest that you try to do it differently. If change with ourselves is going to really happen then we need to start with a fresh new mindset. A mindset that is different from all the years before. You have heard the sane, if nothing changes nothing changes. Well it’s the same thing when we set goals every year. We have to change our mindsets. What is important is to do it differently so that the changes can occur and we are successful with our goals. Starting every day with a positive, optimistic and fresh start is paramount in taking yourself into a new direction in this new year. If those negative thoughts and feelings start to flood your mind, stop them before they take you off course. Remind yourself that those old ways of thinking don’t work and you are now working towards a new way of thinking this year.

When I train or coach clients I ask them to sit down and write out 3 SMART goals. Smart goals are a great way to set yourself up for success because, they help you break down your goals and also help you start off with a fresh and realistic new mindset. Smart stands for (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound).? I find that asking clients to write down more than three is often overwhelming and they often don’t follow through. However, writing down three goals and using the SMART method. You can try to do all three goals at the same time, or split them up. An idea that I give our clients is tackle one goal and then the next and then the next. Some clients need to take extra baby steps to be successful and others can take on more at one time. What is important is that you find what way works for you and then get started.

This year take time to set yourself up for success with your goals and a NEW mindset. Success starts with doing it differently than you have done it in the past, now I think that’s a great idea don’t you?

Remember your health is your wealth!


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