Exercise Becomes More Effective If You Believe It Will

Exercise Becomes More Effective If You Believe It Will

Hello and Happy Easter,

It is April now and hard to believe we are already in the fourth month of the year. By now we have all settled into a routine and have hopefully not abandoned our health and fitness goals. However, just in case you may have there is still hope all you need to do is to…Believe

According to Dictionary.com the definition of the word believe is below:

1. to have confidence in the truth, the existence, or the reliability of something, although without absolute proof that one is right in doing so: Only if one believes in something can one act purposefully. verb (used with object), believed, believing. … to have confidence in the assertions of (a person).

This is a great definition to the word believe however, to actually read it rather than to do it is an-other thing.

Have you ever wondered how some women in your life ?are able to move through life a little easier than others? Or maybe they have more of a optimistic outlook on life than you do. Perhaps they seem more confident or even like they have some sort of secret they are keeping. Sometimes other women in your life may just be able to do things a lot easier like lose weight, be consistent with their workout programs or are just be better at preparing meals and staying on course with their fitness program.

At OCFM, we like to work with clients on their health and fitness goals. It’s important that we help them to “believe in themselves“, to believe in their goals, and believe they can make healthy changes at every level. This is one of the first things that we do at OCFM and we continue to strive to help our clients do throughout their time with us. As personal trainers and health coaches at OCFM “WE” sometimes believe in our clients before they learn how to. When it comes to your health and fitness goals sometimes, it takes someone else a coach, trainer or health coach to help you take the right steps forward with the goals and changes that you desire to have before you can actually take the first baby step.

When it comes to making health and fitness goals and personal changes on every level, try to remember that if you can start off with baby steps and believe that you are capable of making better choices for yourself, then you are going to get there sooner. Having an optimistic attitude is important when choosing to make changes with your health. Your attitude, feelings?and?thoughts about exercise can often times determine how you will or won’t benefit from it. If you can help yourself and have a positive ?mindset instead of a negative one, then you will benefit from exercise and ?you are more likely to do it and stick to it. Finding exercises that you enjoy is key in order to making it become a positive and healthy habit for yourself.

As you take one baby step every day to move forward with your goals you slowly start to gain self confidence, self esteem and self love along the way. Whatever your current goals are today it is important that you start off slow and take it one day at a time. Slow changes make for big results. Once you start to do this you really start to feel good about who you are and where you are going. Just keep moving day by day and believe that you can do it!

Getting in shape isn’t just about what the scale says every time you get on it, more importantly it is about the journey you have traveled to get there. So before you start your day and move forward throughout the rest of 2017 remember to take time to BELIEVE in yourself, with all your dreams, your goals and your aspirations only then will you truly be able to reach them.

Something that would be great to do is take some post it’s and write the work Believe on them and stick them where you start your day. Then out loud before you start our day read the word Believe?out load 10 times, do this for 10 day’s and see what happens. Chances are you start to really believe in who you are and in the purpose that has been placed on your life. Not just for your health and fitness goals, but for everything in your life.


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